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How much does it cost?



Dog Walking and Dog Sitting begins at $15 per visit, and goes up to $25. Number of dogs, time needed, and the distance between your house and mine are factored into visit fees. Visits can be tailored to include everything your dog needs: walking, time in the yard time for potty and play, exercise and crate break, feeding, water, belly rubs and TLC time, medication, etc.  



Cat visits are between $14 and $22

Do you need a brief visit, a longer visit for TLC time, medications given? Some kitties are social and enjoy interaction while others may hide and need just the basic care. Clients who live nearby will be at the lower cost end. At least one visit per day is recommended - once every 2 days at minimum to provide proper care. Drop us an email to inquire.


Mixed Households

Maybe you have multiple pets and a variety of types. We can customize a care plan that takes care of everyone!  Don't fret over kenneling or separate care plans. Leave everything to us and breathe easy while you're away.